J. R. Swab

I made my first website in the third grade on the old GeoCities platform!

Now my site is hosted at jrswab.com.

There you will find my blog and podcast.

Basic Info:

I am a born-again follower of Jesus Christ with a beautiful wife and a crazy cat. I was born and grew up in Pennsylvania, where I gained an interest in computer technology and the Internet.

My teen years consisted of Boy Scouts, where I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. As well as concert band, choir, and a few parts in school musicals. Later, I attended college and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science. Never dropping my hobby of tinkering with technology both in hardware and software, as a real hacker would.

I currently run the Hacker Culture Podcast where we talk about tech, Linux, open source, and what it means to be a true traditional hacker.

What I look to get out of technology:

To further improve my knowledge in programming and general computer science. This passion started in the 3rd grade when I built my first website now I continuously look for new skills to learn. Whether it is programming or setting up a commercial grade server in my home, there is always a motivation to know more.

PGP Key:

495C 168C 826B 8B32 2DDC 36AB 12BA BBE2 BED2 40FC

Summary of Tech Experience:

13+ years computer repair

6+ years web development

4+ years Linux administration

3+ years programing



Primary Language: Python

Nebulus is an open source web app that gives the content creator a way to add their content quickly and intuitively to the IPFS network. It is also a decentralized network of servers communicating over a blockchain.

Steem Sieve:

Primary Language: JavaScript

Steem Sieve is a simple Chrome extension that give the user the ability to filter out a certain tags from a list of blog post on steemit.com

The Curators’ Helper:

Primary Language: Python

This command line tool gives content curators a way to only show posts over a certain number of words. This saves the curator time and allows them to read more high quality posts for their curation effort.